Professional Work

I've worked in the "industry" for over 10 years as a writer, producer and edit supervisor. Celebrity interviews are on my resume and I've made some friends in high places along the way. One thing the "industry" didn't provide me, family. 

How it started

My next fairytale soon came true. My husband and I were blessed with a little boy, bringing our dreams to reality. Starting our family created another opportunity for me as I discovered my unique knack for capturing the perfect family moments.


Family Life

Meet Mr. Oliver. Isn't he precious? He's taught me to never let moments pass by and to always take hold of the memories that are right in front of us. Thus, Essentially Made Video & Photography was born. 

Moments to memories

My expertise has taken me to some wonderful places. None greater than where I am today. Helping others capture their moments is what I love and what I'm best at. You'll love what I can do for your family. 

Showcase your story

I got my degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN where I focused on video production and media. Being a Bruin helped fine-tune my skills, bringing my creativity to life. What else brought it to life? This guy, Oliver. He is the force behind this great business I run that opens new doors for me everyday. Let's chat and I can tell you more.

Real smiles. Real life. Real sunshine. No setup. Capturing life's moments, turning them into memories.