A Day of Snow | Nashville | Family Photography & Video

A Day of Snow | Nashville | Family Photography & Video

A Day of Snow

2017 in Color and B&W | Nashville | family & baby photo/video

Man 2017 flew by without much warning! I know that i a bit cliche to say, but I can honestly admit that life with a toddler makes time S P E E D  by. 

I am so honored that I had the opportunity to hang with so many families! I got to photograph and shoot video of some very intimate and special memories and moments. 

As a documentary photography and videographer, time with Nashville families means I get to play at their homes or meet them in parks. 

Below is a video I created to showcase some of the times I got to hang with some pretty cute babes and kiddos.






Finding the Life- Chapter II- Day in the Life- Nashville Family Photos + Videos

Day in the Life- March 2017

I missed February’s post! Life took over and though I did shoot for the post, I just didn’t get it all finished!  But I’m moving on and now we have March’s post, which I still can’t believe its actually April! This year is flying by faster than I imagined!


If you remember, January I posted our day in the life all about our snow day!!  Victoria: the Storytog  came up with a brilliant idea to have people document a day in their life. Her ability to capture a moment is seriously amazing everyone If you feel like you need this blog circle in your life, you should absolutely check it out. 


So, this month we have ventured into the land of a moving-around-nosy-pull everything off-play with all things except actual toys-baby.









During this week our sweet boy turned 10 months old! I’m still in shock over it. We spent the morning eating breakfast and seeing dada off to work for his day. 

As you can see, one of Oliver's favorite non-toy and games, is to pull off all the hanging towels he can find and leave them scattered on the floor. This takes up about 20% of my day, putting them back up!

 I managed to sneak in a few eggs for myself, which can be a difficult task some mornings. 



Lady girl, our senior pup, enjoyed her time cleaning up the floor post Oliver eating, and trying to escape his grasp. I’m so glad she’s such a patient little girlie. Oliver is working on gentle, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet!



Napping is going really well these days (knock on wood!) He goes down without his dockatot (except at night!) and with very little fussing. And actually as I'm writing this, he just put himself to sleep after a long play with toys in his crib. Who's child is this!?


He’s looking quite angelic so cozy in his crib.  

I’ve been staying pretty busy with all of my family and baby photo + video shoots, so I definitely take advantage of the time he’s sleeping to get some much needed editing and prospecting done. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore, but I’m cherishing as many of the moments as I can!


He’s still so sticking cute when he wakes up! He’s started doing this little head tilt when he sees me walk into his room. He smiles and tilts his head to the side. It makes my day every time I see it!



Nursing post nap is a must!


Still going strong at 10 now almost 11 months. I’m pretty grateful for this. Nursing is a TON of work, takes up so much time and doesn’t allow for a ton of freedom away, but its so beautiful and amazing.






Our Robotic vacuum cleaners name is Louis III. Oliver is  O B S E S S E D  with this thing. I have no idea why, but if ever I need a few moments dedicated to something else, I know Louis will come to my rescue haha!!



The big kids across the street.

There's lots to learn from watching big kids who walk and play on their own. He takes it all in and tries to follow what they do. However, I can still tell, he’s not totally giving into the crowd. He likes to make his own independent decisions too. I’m hoping this is still a trait when he’s 13.



As some of you know, we’re planning a move to a different part of Nashville. This was our first official house as family of three and where Oliver has spent his first year of life. Its a bitter sweet decision to make a move, but I think it’ll be for the good. More space for the boy and taller ceilings for our 6’5” dada!


I think we have an explorer on our hands haha! He’s always wandering here and there to check out any thing that grabs his attention. He’s generally not in one spot for more than a few seconds … which means very few snuggles for this mama. I do hope snuggling is something he grows to want more as he gets into toddlerhood. So, for now, I steal my kisses as often as possible

Every time he’s sitting in his little chair, his foot has to be touching my leg. I guess that’s his version of snuggling haha!


We’ve been experimenting with a ton of different foods: meals that we just have on hand that Mama & Dada are eating, steamed & roasted veggies, puree’s, but his favorite by far are pre-made or homemade squeeze pouches and blueberries or bananas. haha! He’s a fruit lover like me!



Today was his doctor check up! So we piled in the car, packing pretty much the entire house, and made our way...


The next scheduled one is for his 12 month visit. I cried when our pediatrician told me this. Seriously. Little tears.


He weighed in at 22 lbs and 31 inches. I can’t remember what they said his head was, but it was over the 100 percentile for his age.

Not surprised.

He’s a large creature to say the least! Most people think he’s well over one-year-old when we’re out and about. A waitress always brings crayons for him, or thinks he’ll be ordering off the children's menu. I smile and say he’s only 10 months old haha!


An explorer…

Jenny _blankenship_IMGL5467.jpg


He loves the feel of the daffodil greens on his hands. He crunches all the leaves with his tiny fingers. 


He delights in the little outdoor space that is our front yard. Its his favorite place to be and play. He never tires of it. 



We have a circle of Photogs + Bloggers going, so if you’re like me and can get lost down the rabbit hole of awesome stories and photos, check out the next blogger+photog.  This next blogger who amazing! You guys, her favorites blow me away all the time! Not to mention, she had several photos end up ranking very high in the incredible Shoot and Share photo contest this year!!  Alicia T Photo! 

Nashville Baby Photography & Video | Anderson's First Year!

Anderson's First Year!

So one of my favorite things about what I do, is getting to watch the little ones grow up. It almost feels like I’m some sort of family member because I get to see them when they are itty bitty like hours or days old and follow them through out their first year. The parents and I usually chat about all the stuff their doing, how their poop is, how they’re sleeping… I mean everything that parents think and worry about, including myself! 


I truly feel honored. If i’m being totally honest, I tear up a bit when I’m piecing these stories together, but I just can’t believe how fast the time goes. 


So this little guy Anderson, is over 1 year old now. We documented his life at 4 months, 7 months, 10 months and 13 months. I love being able to piece together a first year video that in one place shows all those fun stages he went through! 

His first session he was this wobbly little guy who had the biggest eyes! I fell in love with them <3 <3

One thing that is so fun to do is a little baby bath!!

They get nakey and show off all their little fingers and toes, belle buttons and chunky thighs. AHHH I love it!


Anderson was a big fan of water at 7 months, which made this time even more fun!!

He also was quite the jumper!!!

His mom and I giggled at how he clicked his little heels together at the top of a jump. Adorable. 

One thing I think is so cool about capturing the first year, is the very last video that shows off all the little stories made through out the sessions.

At 10 months old, this boy was into  S W I N G S  and we discovered at this session… S L I D E S.

 A session at the Dragon Park in downtown Nashville on what turned out to be a gorgeous day!

At 13 months old, this little man was on the move… like running! So we picked what felt like the coldest day we could in Nashville haha, and went to go play.

Running back and forth around Mama & Dada, while they were trying to make sure he didn’t fall into the gorgeous little creek just below.

This park was in their neighborhood and I’m so glad they suggested it.



So Anderson loves phones and music, like most babies. I was teasing him with my phone by playing some jazzy holiday music so I could see if he’d dance for me. (and honestly it was a little trick to get him to walk towards me haha!!)

So after walking forever, riding in his little red car, running around and dancing… this boy P A S S E D out on our walk back to the cars. It was one of the the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

Gosh this boy and his parents are so sweet. 

Nashville Documentary Photog + Video | Finding the Life…Day in the Life Series chapter 1


Finding the Life…Day in the Life Series chapter 1

As you can probably tell from my website I don’t blog… very much. I’ve written for celebrities, TV hosts, and just in general television. When it comes to finding my own words or describing and giving words to the story I have in my head, I draw a big.fat. B L A N K !!! It seriously makes me feel dumb guys. So, I have a goal of really blogging this year because I know its good to share the families I get to work with and I really do enjoy writing! I also realized hey, we have a baby and he’s almost a year (seriously how did that happen?).  I have documented his first year (thank God) but its all sitting in computer folders labeled and not being looked at and there definitely aren’t any stories attached to what actually happened around that moment.

playing with his puzzle pieces


In comes the amazing  Victoria Hershman: The Storytog. Her ability to capture a moment is seriously amazing everyone. She came up with a brilliant idea to have people document a day in their life every month. If you feel like you need this in your life, you should absolutely check it out

So I signed up and here I am just a few days away from the deadline …deadline driven I always say… posting our day in the life for January 2017. 

Good morning!


I woke up this day and it called for snow. We didn’t have any yet, but it was coming! So, as the snow began to fall I started feeling the way I always do when it snows: cozy, nostalgic and, just giddy inside! haha! And to top if off, it was Oliver’s first official snow day! So I grabbed my camera and decided today would be the day!!!


We started off just playing.. with all the toys we have of course… 

If you want details on his toy brands I'd be happy to share!!

The dogs joined in on the fun. They’re slowly but surely starting to hang out upstairs again. We’ve been nervous about how rough they’d be around the baby boy and then we were like “Oh is this what it's like to not have dog hair covering ever square inch, of every single floor in your house??!” But today was special… It was a  S N O W day!!!

He loves his nattursutten paci's!!

Lady of course could care less about the baby. She decided it would be best to just watch the squirrels and save us from the ferocious mail man.

Nap time comes around like a beast. It slowly sneaks up on us. Oliver isn’t known for how well he sleeps, but today he decided to show off and not scream in his crib as I laid him down.

I thought maybe today would be the day to we said goodbye to the incredible and life saving Dockatot, but just a few minutes after I turned the camera off and left the room, he screamed for it. So, he snoozed away once it made a return …

I love it when he wakes up. He’s just the happiest and smiliest. It’s just so fun. He chats away and babbles to himself. He’s really trying to make words I think. Like, I can hear him trying to sound it out. Its hilarious and adorable!

Its a snow day duh… You didn’t think we’d actually miss out on being out in it did you?!!? 

I mean, we played in all 1/2 inch of those flakes!! The dogs got a bit frisky, and Oliver just watched. He was in awww of all the white covered trees and ground.


Sometimes I like to sneak around the corner to peak at him...

 I like to see what he’s like when I’m not around. He won’t let me often, so its really cute when it happens. He becomes this real life person who plays and chats to himself. 

Yes our Christmas tree WAS still up... stop judging! It’s now been thoroughly enjoyed in the fire pit.


So, I guess this wasn’t a FULL day in the life.. it was more like 2/3 or 3/4 of a day in the life. Its not as easy as you think to document an all day story through photos and video! I made sure to capture some video and put together a little music video from the day.

**Be sure to click HD**


He is  L O V I N G  his puzzle box. It’s for three-year-olds I think, but it works nicely for his chubby little fingers to navigate.  Right Melissa & Doug?

Maybe next month Matt and I will make it into the photos and video haha!! We can try a weekend day and  that will give us a good excuse to hit up our fav coffee shop Ugly Mugs. Delish!


We have a circle of Photogs + Bloggers going, so if you’re like me and can get lost down the rabbit hole of awesome stories and photos, check out the next blogger+photog

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Nash is 6 months old!

Nash is 6 months old!

Nash is 6 months!